February 14, 2017


I am not one for public auditions, they actually make me very nervous and fill me with self-doubt, remember the Rhythm City audition? Well, after much pressure from my colleagues I decided to give the MTV Shuga audition a shot and to my surprise I was shortlisted and eventually got a role, how amazing is God’s favour? 1400 people and I am in the top 6 of those people? God God God and nothing but GOD!!!!! Have a look at this article by MTV! ‘Hold up Shugafam, there’s more… Remember the open and public auditions we held last year? In […]
January 31, 2017

Woman, Don’t worry.

The pass few months have marked a significant change in me, I have felt myself go through a metamorphosis and let go off feelings and grudges I thought I would never be able to get over. As you may know sometime in 2016 I accepted Christ as my Lord and saviour and haven’t looked back. This decision came at a time where my life seemingly wasn’t moving forward and I was struggling with so much personal turmoil. I took some time to re-evaluate myself, my choices till that point, what kind of woman I wanted to be and most importantly […]
December 13, 2016

Yes I am a CHRISTIAN woman and raging feminist

Yes I am a Christian woman and raging feminist. Upon having a look at my blog my friend Motlalepule had a couple of questions for me, she was mainly interested in how it is possible for me to be a born again Christian woman and a raging feminist at the same time. In the midst of our conversation I realised that in her mind feminism meant direct disrespect and hate towards men, I took time to explain to her what feminism means or atleast what it means to me. For those of you who don’t know, Feminism is: The advocacy […]
October 12, 2016

The Rhythm City audition

So Rhythm City had a national acting audition for a new character that they were introducing to the show and I made it to the top 12,top 12 out of the very many fine actresses in this country. I am writing about this particular experience  because it stood out for me this year, I realised that I hate competitions (It felt like a competition to me) which is really stupid because  with every audition that an actor attends they are essentially in competition with someone else for the role, like it or not. We had to read a script, make […]
October 12, 2016

Him the rain, I the flower

I use to be one of those people that said “My relationship with God isn’t defined by how many times I attend church” or “Just because I don’t talk about God it does not mean I don’t have a relationship with him”. As I started going to church and kept at it I realised how misguided I have been all along. I thought me getting on my knees (every once in a while at that) was enough, me proclaiming that I love God and asking him to do certain things in my life yet having a mediocre approach to things […]