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October 12, 2016
Yes I am a CHRISTIAN woman and raging feminist
December 13, 2016

The Rhythm City audition


So Rhythm City had a national acting audition for a new character that they were introducing to the show and I made it to the top 12,top 12 out of the very many fine actresses in this country. I am writing about this particular experience  because it stood out for me this year, I realised that I hate competitions (It felt like a competition to me) which is really stupid because  with every audition that an actor attends they are essentially in competition with someone else for the role, like it or not.
We had to read a script, make a video post it on YouTube and then send the link to Rhythm City. I think they called back a week later, let me tell you, I immediately went into praise and worship mode when they did. I am mad at myself for not fully enjoying the experience, I was overwhelmed by anxiety. The 12 of us were treated really well, I met some really awesome young women and I tried to have a good time through all my anxiety.
We were auditioning for the role of Nomalanga she is the girlfriend/Fiancé of Zolani Mkhize played by Melusi Mbele. The role eventually went to Nomalanga Shozi, this was obviously written in the stars. I was so upset, I am such a sour loser, not jealous just sour as hell, it was so silly of me now that I think about it. God sets a time for all of us, it was her time, God has set a time for each and every one of us, never too early and never too late.
A few weeks later I was with Melusi on the set of Isibaya, I told him about my experience, about how sour I was and we laughed and laughed.

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